7 Tips for Successfully Surviving a Weekend Swim Meet

7 Tips for Successfully Surviving a Weekend Swim Meet by Summer Sanders | Posted 1 month ago I have spent my fair share of weekends at swim meets, perched poolside from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. in the sun or huddled under a tree to keep from getting heat stroke. But that really isn’t impressive, […]

The Winter Games: It Goes Beyond Ice and Snow

The Difference The Winter Games and Summer Games are incredibly different, and I love them both, but for very different reasons. The Summer Games are like attending a large university, with lots of variance in sport and country just like majors and the student population. They’re so large you cannot possibly take it all in, […]

Write It Down: Why I Love the New Year

I am a very goal oriented, motivated girl, plain and simple. I like to write it down, see it spelled out, and then focus on it. A goal gives me something to work toward and experience. During my swimming career, I would do this every year with my coaches, and I lived for it – […]

10 Tips for a Successful Family Ski Trip

After marrying a skier and spending seven years as a ski parent, I’ve developed quite a nice list of tips for a successful family ski trip. Ski trips are so much fun, but they can be terrifying to an unfamiliar parent whose wondering how old is old enough, what do I really need to do […]

Semi-Chlorinated Life: Unattainable Christmas List

My daughter is asking Santa for a puppy, and many other unattainable Christmas presents. Here’s the whole story. We lost our family dog, Smalls, three years ago. Smalls was my pet. I’d had him for 14.5 years, and he was a loving, ever-hungry beagle (of course, I only remember his good side). The kids appear […]

Semi-Chlorinated Life: Are my kids too busy?

I love the endless opportunity our kids have, but do you ever wonder if our kids are too busy? Don’t get me wrong, I am a Title IX baby and relish every opportunity available to my daughter and my son. When I was little I wanted to play soccer, but there wasn’t a girls’ team, […]

Semi-Chlorinated Life: Sport Teaches Amazing Lessons

Sport can teach so many amazing lessons. And this story will demonstrate just why that’s what it’s really all about. A seven-year-old smiled her nervous self through all four apparatus in her first gymnastics meet of the season. Her mom could tell she was nervous because before each event, she would look at her coach […]

Back at the FARM

Twenty-three years later, and yet in many ways, it felt like yesterday. September on the Stanford campus is quite amazing, and not just for the weather, it’s the vibe.  I have said to many people, “Don’t send your kids on a trip to visit Stanford unless you are prepared to send them there.” The campus […]