11 Races I Want To Try Before I am Done

I knew it would be hard to top April’s Boston Marathon but there is plenty more to do and plenty of years to accomplish it. It’s a race “bucket list”. They range from swims and triathlons to destination running races and 24-hour relay races. And, the best part, I have 10 right now on my list but with all these amazing new races popping up every year, the list is really endless.

Don’t Let Summer Fun Pass You By: 5 Simple Ways to Enjoy My Favorite Season Right Now!

Don’t let the summer slip away before you’ve gotten a chance to enjoy it! No one needs more stress in their lives, especially in the summer time, so here are 5 simple ways to enjoy the summer before it’s gone.

Let’s Get Running! Here are 8 of My Favorite US Races

8 of My Favorite Races to Run Around the U.S. by Summer Sanders | Posted 1 week ago I’ve been running for 22 years. I truly love it. The entire experience … the scenery, the community, the sweat … brings me back for more. And although nothing can compare to competing in the Olympic Games, […]

Wanna Be a Futbol Pro? Here are 6 Tips from Brandi Chastain!

Here’s how you can be a futbol fan from a woman who knows World Cup first hand, two-time World Cup and Olympic Champion Brandi Chastain.

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